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Coursework 2 – Storyboard and Video Script

Page1 News Cast Storyboard

Page1 News Cast Storyboard

Page2 News Cast Storyboard

Page2 News Cast Storyboard

Page3 News Cast Storyboard

Page3 News Cast Storyboard

The storyboard is further supplied with a script, attached below, in order to understand, in more detail, the elements that appear in each scene of the news cast, as well as all spoken dialogue.

CW2 Video Script

Video Start in Timeline Length of Video What I want the viewer to hear (Audio, Music, Etc) What I want the viewer to see (Video, graphics, text, etc)
0:00 8 seconds News Jingle Animation:Images of Copenhagen entering the screen then flipping over/becoming smaller to become the logo “CMK News”


0:08 10 seconds Jingle Faint in backgroundNews Anchor

“You’re watching CMK News, I’m Cecilie Andersen and here are tonight’s headlines” (5 seconds)

No music

News Anchor

“A man has been arrested on suspicion of murdering his ex-wife.” (5 seconds)


News Anchor Sitting at a desk with papers in hand.Camera zooms from WS to CU (first 5 seconds).

Graphic: CMK logo in bottom left corner

Animation: Name “Cecilie Andersen” on blue background

CU shot of news anchor, tabletop and hands, filmed straight on.

Animation – news across the bottom of screen:

“World News: Construction of Japan’s Lotus Towers, built to rival Dubai’s Burj Kalifa, have been stopped due a fault in the construction plans.”


0:18 5 seconds News Anchor“Police state that his recently released book has been a paramount clue in solving the case.”  (5 Seconds)


VWS taken outside home, man being escorted out by the police.Animation – news across the bottom of screen: …continue from before


0:23 10 seconds Policeman:“His recent book, the psychological thriller entitled The Watcher, describes in detail how this woman was killed. So we have no doubt we’ve got the right man this time.”


WS taken outside. Actor: policemanAnimation: Name of policeman on blue background


0:33 7 Seconds News Anchor:“Tivoli Gardens have opened up their gates for their 15th successful annual Christmas fair. Michael Keating Reports”


CU shot of news anchorAnimation – news across the bottom of screen:

“Politics: Obamas cabinet have banned guns in North America, following pressure from the UN.”


0:40 12 seconds “3 days running and Tivoli have already welcomed over 300,000 guests. Offering a wonderful atmosphere, Christmas shopping, food and beautiful decorations, its no wonder people stream here from all corners of the country.” WS of onsite reporterAnimation: Name of reporter on blue background

Animation – news across the bottom of screen: Continued from previous


0:52 8 seconds News Anchor:“Cecilie Andersen for CMK News, thanks for watching.“

Jingle faintly in background

Jingle Music

CU of news anchor at deskCU to VWS of news anchor at desk

Rolling Credits

End with “Read more on <<website>>”