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CW3 – All Footage Collected for the video

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All footage for the video has been collected now, as it had to be collected in several different locations, this was difficult. Especially with regards to lighting. However, I feel that the first parts of the video are the more generic ‘light’ parts, and then the latter part of the video (where lighting was an issue) takes place in a kitchen, so even though the lighting is different, this may not affect the overall video quality.


In accordance with the social media plan, new posts about juice mixes have now been added to the facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/gofreshJuicer




Author: christinakeating

From the 80s. 75% Danish/25% British-Irish. Perfectionist and a worker-bee (I’ve been told). In my 3rd year of a BSc (hons) in IT & BIS at Middlesex University. Love drawing and believe you can take over the world if you fully master Photoshop (and Google!).

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