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Coursework 3: Poster Research

Posters and advertisements

Train, bus and bus stop advertisements are not appropriate for my current target audience, however, research has still been done on this to gain ideas:

The audience for these ads have time to read text as they wait for their bus or train. The poster therefore needs to entice them to want to read on.

Blue Line Media (2013) state that train ads are viewed by commuters 7 days a week, not only working commuters but also leisure commuters. It is therefore important to ensure that the ad poster has high impact.

There are many different ads and commuters are bombarded with advertisements, so to avoid commuters ignoring the add, it must have a high impact. (Collins, 1999). There are several different types of train ads offered; for example, UK’s Network Rail (2013) offer not only in-train advertising space, but also allow companies to advertise on ticket barriers, on walls inside the station, in washrooms, on bridges above trains and roadside billboards that trains pass by.

Next week’s research is on billboards and magazine ads.



Collins, K (2011), Promoting a Product, Exploring Business [online], http://www.web-books.com/eLibrary/NC/B0/B66/075MB66.html [accessed: 26 February 2013]

Blue Line Media (2013), Train Advertising in 50 Cities – Rail Advertising Company [online]. http://www.bluelinemedia.com/train-rail-advertising [accessed: 26 February 2013]

Network Rail (2013), Advertising and Promotions [online]. http://www.networkrail.co.uk/aspx/1580.aspx [accessed: 26 February 2013]


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gofresh Juicer Campaign: Schedule

For this weeks post, the following deadlines have been identified.

The deadlines are presented in two ways, the first is a chronological list of all deadlines to reach, the second is a series of tables presenting the different elements that need to be worked on: Poster, Video and Social Media. The “overall” table presents deadlines of elements that are common to all parts of the project.

Further deadlines may be added to this schedule as the project progresses. Please note that some elements may be completed ahead of schedule, in order to create slack time.

Summary of All Deadlines

Summary of All Deadlines


Deadlines by Element

Deadlines by Element



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Social Marketing Campaign: First Post

gofresh Juicer – A Cuisinier product.
 – “Squeeze colour into life”

I have chosen this product because it allows me to:

  •  Design with bright colours
  •  Design with fruits (again, fruit colours are beautiful)
  •  Add an element of health
  •  Play on the words: fresh, vibrant, bright

In order to make the product and brand known, I would like to interact with consumers through either Twitter or Facebook, by letting them post their favourite mixes of juice, thus letting them share ideas. Under normal circumstances I would like to present a prize for the most creative combination but as this is a university project, perhaps just a point scoring system whereby you get stars when you post a recipe. A nutritional calculator, which calculates the nutritional content for each combination, is a must!
I am still undecided on the target audience. Whilst health-conscious mothers would be ideal, it would be fun to try to target an audience of younger men and women in their 20’s and perhaps early 30’s. This will be decided upon during the next week.