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Christina Keating's New Media Coursework!

Coursework Progress: Week 21

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This week the following three elements have been completed for the project:

1. Promotional lamp-post posters (4 in total):

Poster Ad

2. The radio advert has been finalised:

3. The social media plan has been finalised:

Social Networking Plan

For the social media plan estimated budget, the following websites have been researched in order to understand the pricing of advertising online a little better:

Twitter (2013), Promoted Accounts [online]. https://business.twitter.com/products/promoted-accounts-full-service. [Accessed: 02 April 2013].
Website used to understand Twitter’s own policy on how a company can promote themselves on Twitter.

Francis, A. (2012). Twitter advertising – is it worth the high costs?. IonSearch.co.uk [online]. 16 September 2012. Available from: http://www.ionsearch.co.uk/twitter-advertising-is-it-worth-the-high-costs. [Accessed: 02 April 2013].
Website researched to understand further the pricing of using Twitter promoted accounts, as the exact pricing was not listed on the Twitter website.

YouTube (2013), Pre-Roll Ads [online]. http://www.youtube.com/yt/advertise/en-GB/in-stream.html. [Accessed: 02 April 2013].
YouTube describe pre-roll ads and how they work. This page also gives good tips on how to make a successful advertisement video.  

Alleger, J. (2012). How much do ads on YouTube cost? [online]. 7 August 2012. Available from: http://ppbh.com/how-much-do-ads-on-youtube-cost/. [Accessed: 02 April 2013].
The YouTube website did not give detailed information on the actual cost per view, therefore this site was used as reference. Although cost per view can vary, and companies can enter bids, the pricing and information on this website seems more viable. 


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