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Research on Billboard and Magazine Ads

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Full research on Billboard/Magazine ads:

Week 18 – Research on Billboards and Magazine Ads



Hedges et al (1998) noted some important things to keep in mind when making a magazine ad: “communication through pictures and not words; brevity in verbal messages; attention to the total gestalt and not merely the detailed parts; clear use of logos, symbols and other coded signals; continuity of theme.” Readers can return to the ad, but as they can also browse quickly past it, it needs to be catchy. Less story-telling than in TV ads (Costerdine, 2000, p4).

Billboard ads need to have pictures not text. Preferably six words or less. Billboards are not the time for direct response (phone, email, website) as your audience are drivers, unable to write things down. They are secondary ads, helping to build brand awareness; primary ads are TV, etc (Suggett, 2013).

Based on this research, I would like my poster to be a billboard poster. It also fits well with my audience as they are all working, and at that age all driving to work. Further to the poster, a radio ad may be valuable, to be played on the radio in the morning rush hour. I will write more next week about this.



Costerdine, G (2000). Magazine Advertising Effectiveness:Pre-testing and monitoring the effectiveness of magazine advertising [online]. Report Commissioned by PPA. pp. 4-6. Available from: http://www.consterdine.com/articlefiles/50/mag_ad_effectiveness.pdf [Accessed: 6 March 2013]

Hedges, A., Ford-Hutchinson, S., Stewart-Hunter, M., Institute of Practitioners in Advertising, & John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History. (1998). Testing to destruction: a critical look at the uses of research in advertising. Institute of Practitioners in Advertising.

Suggett, P (2013). The Six Basic Rules of Billboard Advertising: How to Create Effective Billboard Ads. About.com [online]. Available from: http://advertising.about.com/od/advertisingglossaryb/a/The-Six-Basic-Rules-Of-Billboard-Advertising.htm [Accessed: 06 March 2013]


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