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gofresh Juicer Campaign: Schedule

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For this weeks post, the following deadlines have been identified.

The deadlines are presented in two ways, the first is a chronological list of all deadlines to reach, the second is a series of tables presenting the different elements that need to be worked on: Poster, Video and Social Media. The “overall” table presents deadlines of elements that are common to all parts of the project.

Further deadlines may be added to this schedule as the project progresses. Please note that some elements may be completed ahead of schedule, in order to create slack time.

Summary of All Deadlines

Summary of All Deadlines


Deadlines by Element

Deadlines by Element




Author: christinakeating

From the 80s. 75% Danish/25% British-Irish. Perfectionist and a worker-bee (I’ve been told). In my 3rd year of a BSc (hons) in IT & BIS at Middlesex University. Love drawing and believe you can take over the world if you fully master Photoshop (and Google!).

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